I love beer

Welcome to my blog, Booze-Free-Hound. Follow me while I give up drinking to raise money for an amazing cause.

About me…

Name: Natalie East
Age: 28 (29 on Friday)
Marital status: Married (well if Julia would let us) to the best girl in the world.
Favourite pastimes: Watching footy (go Pies), playing footy (go Lions), hanging out with my puppies (Riley and Raty), hanging out with my friends and family and drinking beers while I do all of the above.
Adjectives: Loving, caring, funny, loyal, determined and a dedicated booze hound.


I, like most others work hard during the week, I work full time within local government and operate my own business in the evenings and weekends. Two nights a week I travel out to Sunbury to have a run around with the best group of girls I have ever met, my football team. By the time Friday arrives, I am pretty excited for the weekend… What does my perfect weekend look like? Pubs, clubs, dancing, staying out until 4am?? NO WAY! My perfect weekend looks a little like this…
Friday night: Beer and footy with Tash.
Saturday: Footy with an afternoon beer and Tash.
Saturday night: Some quiet beers while watching the footy with Tash.
Sunday: Play football and then drink a couple of beers with the team.

There are two common themes… Tash and beer. While I am not willing to give up Tash, I am willing to give up beer.

What’s the point?
In the past 3 years, the Sunbury Lions have become supporters of MS Australia, it’s our charity of choice and we’re constantly looking for ways to better our fundraising efforts. A lot of people know someone who is living with MS, so it’s a charity that’s close to a lot of hearts.

The Sunbury Lions participated in the North Melbourne MS Mega Swim in February and plan on participating annually. This year we raised $2000, for 2014 our goal is $10,000. Ambitious? Yes… We better get started.

Last night (while sipping on a refreshing beer) I made the bold statement that I could easily give up beer. In reflection, I have attempted Dry July (twice) and have failed, so maybe this is not going to be as easy as I first thought when I was 5 beers deep.

When I announced this, my friends, who clearly have A LOT of faith in me, started throwing dollar figures around on what they would donate if I lasted 1 month. We are currently sitting at $1600.

So, this is me, declaring that I am going to give up drinking to raise money for MS. IF I fail (which I won’t) I will donate $1000 myself.

For those with no faith, I’d love to take some of your money, so please start waging your bets.

I will be updating this, throughout the booze free period, there may be tears, but there will be no booze.

Day one will be Saturday 6 April… I feel better already 🙂Image


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